Dance Floors, Lighting & a few Fun Extras

Dance Floors, Lighting & a few Fun Extras

September 1 2015 - Mayan Riviera Destination Weddings, Sin categoría

Once the ceremony is over and you are officially hitched, the speeches and first dance are done, you will be ready for one heck of a celebration!

So you know how important the music is for any event and and that you want to be sure that you and your guests have an amazing time. You’ve worked hard selecting your favorite songs and hired a professional DJ to seamlessly transition between a range of styles and genres to keep everybody dancing.

Now it’s time to create an area for your guests to shake it. Depending on your venue, décor, budget, and style, there are some great options for cool ways to make your dancing zone stand out.


With a Dance Floor…hey!

So you’ve checked out your venue and a dance floor would be perfect for your space and vibe. There are some great options available in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum for every event size, budget and style. Here are some of our favorites:


1-Classic Wood Dance Floor: If you want simple and inviting, this is the way to go. This is the perfect option for a vintage or rustic beach wedding, or an event where you plan to use a lot of ambient lighting to add texture and color. Wood dance floors are available in natural wood or white and are by far the least expensive dance floor option.


2-Vinyl Covered Dance Floor: Sleek and elegant, a white vinyl covered dance floor will definitely make a statement. Your guests will all be tempted to be the first ones to tear it up on this beautiful crisp white canvas. You can personalize the dance floor with your own monogram or design in colored vinyl or with gobo lighting.



3-Infinity Led Dance Floor: This is the latest generation of the led dance floors and is really pretty spectacular.   With the vibrant colors, dynamic patterns & cool 3D optical illusions, the dance floor will definitely be the centerpiece of the party. The color can be set to match your wedding décor or be programmed for constantly changing designs and tones.

 Infinity Led Dance Floor

With Lighting

Whether you are going to bring in a dance floor or use the venue’s natural floor (or beach!) for your dancing zone, there are some really great ways to use strategic lighting to enhance your dance floor area.


1-Basic Dance Floor Lighting: Led lighting can be used to “paint” the area in the color of your choice, while Intelligent Moving Head Lights project moving beams of lights and patterns for dynamic effects that give that nightclub vibe.

Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting

2-Custom Lighting Effects: A gobo is a lighting design that can be projected onto your dance floor. You can select from a wide array of patterns and shapes, or create your own custom gobo with your own monogram for a custom dance floor design.

Patterned Gobos and Personalized Wedding Monograms


3-Decorative Lighting: You can use bulb string lights or an array of paper lanterns to mark the perimeter of your dance floor or hang overhead for a whimsical touch. Try mixing in a few Mexican star lanterns, pompoms, mini chandeliers, “papel picado” flags, or retro disco balls.

String Lights & Paper Lanterns

With A few Extras:

1-Shoe Check: This trend has been around for a while, and it keeps popping up at all styles of weddings. Why? Because your guests wanna DANCE! Like serious, all-night, full out dancing, and those heels are just going to slow them down. Just set up a few baskets or shoe racks for your guests to leave their party shoes and you can even offer some cute flip flops as a fun souvenir. It’s easy and inexpensive to do and your guests will love it.

Wedding Flip Flops for Dancing

2-Party Props: When the party is in full swing, have someone hand out Party Props like glamorous masks, ridiculous hats, funky accessories, glow sticks, inflatable instruments and balloons. Everyone loves an excuse to get a little silly and you will get some amazing photos of all of your guests. Most DJ/AV companies offer this service, so just ask about their packages and have a little fun.


3-Surprise Performance: Looking for a unique and interactive way to get everyone on the dance floor that doesn’t include musical chairs? How about a surprise bridal party surprise flash mob to get things started? Or you could hire professional salsa dancers, belly dancers, mariachi, Brazilian drummers, or even bring in a sax player to play alongside your DJ for a few sets. The options are limitless, so get creative and provide your guests with a wow experience on your dance floor.

Wedding Reception Flash Mob

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