Ambient Lighting

Architectural lighting, Colored Washes, Gobos and Mongrams, Decorative Lighting, Dance Floor Lighting, String lights & Lanterns.

Ambient Lighting.

The great thing about lighting is that you can make a huge impact without a huge investment; we can add a few subtle details, or go all out. Not only will lighting create the mood and atmosphere for your event, but also the colors and textures of your design will look phenomenal in your wedding photos. We´ll ask you to let us know a bit more about the atmosphere you are envisioning before visiting your venue personally to create a custom lighting design will tie together all of the elements of your décor, adding depth, dimension and personality to your venue. From understated elegance to a spectacular visual experience, you’ll love how we can use lighting to dramatically transform your space.

Up- lighting:

Strategically placed up-lights will highlight your venue´s features such as columns, pillars, accent walls, and palm trees to really make them pop.

Color Washes:

The backdrop of your wedding can be completely transformed by painting the walls, gardens, tents, landscapes- even the beach and ocean- with a light touch or vibrant saturation of colors. We can match the tones exactly to your wedding palette and use either a blanket of color or a gentle transition from one shade to the next.


Gobos and Mongrams:

These lighting designs and patterns can be projected onto the ceiling, walls or floor to add style and flair to your venue. If you would like something sophisticated and elegant or something wild and fun, we can project everything from specific shapes such as stars overhead, to abstract patterns, like a carpet of leaves on the dance floor. We can even put your names in lights by creating a customized Gobo with your names, monogram or wedding date to shine on the ceiling, feature wall, or dance floor.


Decorative Lighting:

Add a few personalized touches to enhance your wedding theme and truly make your wedding décor yours
– String Lights and Paper Lanterns to hang over the dinner area or dance floor
– Paper lanterns and Mexican style star lanterns for a whimsical touch
– Classic Disco Balls to hang from the trees or over the dance floor

Dance Floor Lighting:

We use Intelligent Moving Head Lights (sophisticated automated lighting systems) to project dynamic patterns and colors on the dance floor. We can control the speed, movement, patterns, colors and intensity.


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