Professional DJs

Professional DJs for your dream wedding.

Music is one of the most essential elements of your wedding and our job is to create the perfect soundtrack for every memory from the time your guests arrive for the ceremony to the moment the last song fades at the end of an epic night.

Our DJs are full time Professional DJs, and have been for over two decades (they will want you to know they started young!). They invest incredible amounts of time and resources to assure that they are always up to speed with the latest releases and musical trends and are constantly incorporating new techniques and software to stay on the cutting edge of sound production.

They are masters at the art of spinning live with turntable and vinyls or using the latest technology to video DJ, mixing together an amazing set of all of your favorite songs that will keep you and your guests dancing nonstop.

While we love the Top 40 as much as anybody, we´ll make sure to have all kinds of styles and genres on hand and will beat match all of the songs for seamless transitions. We can definitely take requests and will make sure the night is all about the music that YOU love to hear.