We love South Asian Weddings, and the Mexican Caribbean couldn’t be a better setting for all of your festivities.

Our team understand the importance of honoring custom and tradition while making sure that your celebration reflects your unique style as a couple. We know that you have a very special vision in mind for your wedding and that you want to make sure it is an amazing experience for all of your guests.

We can help you make this happen.

After visiting your venue personally we will work with you to put together a custom package that includes the precise audio, video, DJ & lighting equipment to make each moment of your Indian Wedding Celebration shine. We are constantly adding to our collection of equipment to assure we have all of the specific elements required for each of your events, from portable speakers for the Baraat, to delicate lavalier microphones & sophisticated audio systems for your ceremonies, plus custom ambient lighting designs & dynamic dance floor lighting for your garba/ sangeet night, mehndi party & reception.

When it comes to the entertainment, it has to be world-class. Our DJs will masterfully mix a high-energy blend of Indian and Western music that will keep your guests moving, making sure to include all of the genres and artists you want to hear. If you are bringing your own DJ, we have an extensive collection of industry-leading brands of equipment, so they can deliver their usual high-caliber performance using the gear of their choice.

Whether you need us for a couple of hours or multiple days, we will provide exceptional equipment, excellent value, and personalized service for your wedding celebrations in Mexico.


D & C’s Wedding at Moon Palace
Date: June 2016
Planner: Blue Petal Weddings
Videographer: Luis Paredes Cinema
DJ & AV Equipment provided for DJ Insomnia

V&K’s Barcelo Wedding
Date: July 2015
Videographer: Doodle Studio
DJ & AV Equipment provided for DJ Suhel

Indian Wedding at Cancun
Date: July 2016
Planner: Eventos Euforia
Videographer: FineArt Studio
DJ & AV Equipment provided for Plug In Audiovisual

S&V’S Hard Rock Wedding
Date: February 2015
Videographer: Tomas Ramos
DJ & AV Equipment provided for bride & groom’s guest DJ


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